Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Watched: Frances Ha

I thought this was really charming and I identified with a lot of the themes.


Watched: Ingrid Goes West

I had to watch this movie in like, 10 minute increments because it was SO realistic and cringe-inducing that I was deeply uncomfortable, to the point of feeling antsy, while watching. But ultimately I think that makes it really interesting and a very nuanced commentary on some of the issues social media has brought into our lives. Especially in the ways it enables/cripples us.

Watched: Wonder Woman

All superhero origin stories are a little awkward- there is always so much exposition and world-building happening. Still, I think this one handles it pretty well and manages to avoid being kind of the standard (read:boring-ish) first entry for like the majority of its running time. I do agree with the people who say it falls into the old trap of HAVING to have some big, CGI-filled battle at the end but I still really, really liked this movie despite its flaws.

Watched: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

So silly. Sorry for the potato quality, the copy that I downloaded of this was obviously pretty old and decidedly NOT high-res. Still -- so many familiar faces and classic quotes in this one.